The Best iPhone X Cases on AliExpress for under $5

Jason Miller
January 26, 2018

Ok, you just spend over $1,000 on your new iPhone X. You surely want to make sure that your new iPhone X is also protected. Below you will find the top 5 iPhone X cases on AliExpress. We paid special attention to the look and feel of the iPhone, so most cases still keep the beauty of the new iPhone X, without any sacrifices.

We're making judgments on these cases based on the experiences we've had with their predecessors designed for earlier iPhone 6/6S/7 models and their Plus equivalents. In addition, we included actual user pictures that we took from Peeksy to give you a better understanding on how the case actually looks like.

‍Auto Focus Silicon Case

Auto Focus iPhone X Transparent Silicon Case

Price: $4,99

The Auto Focus iPhone case provides an elegant look and medium protection, the silicon case wraps well around the corners without any gaps or spacing in between.

Cafelle TPU Soft Case

CAFELLE Original iPhone X TPU Soft Case

Price: $3,89

The CAFELLE iPhone X case, is unlike a silicon case. The TPU material is more flexible and can withstand smaller impacts.
Baseus Red Soft Case

Soft Case iPhone X Transparent Silicon Case

Price: $1,99

The Soft Case, is perhaps the cheapest option across many good cases. The reason why we selected this particular model is doe it its Silicon casing and its camera protection option.

FLOVEME iPhone X BlueRay Ultra Slim Case

Price: $3,59

The Floveme iPhone case is one of our favorites. The light blue reflection makes it a really unique iPhone X case, a case that clearly attracts attention.

Sup iPhone Hard Case Matte

Price: $2,33

This case in particular has a pretty cool matte texture that makes it very comfortable holding. In addition, the white "Sup" logo remind us of the fashion brand Supreme, yet for just a fraction of the price.

Jason Miller

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