How AliExpress Coupons Codes Work (Video)

Jason Miller
January 16, 2017

What are AliExpress Coupons Codes?

AliExpress coupons are virtual discounts codes that can be applied before the purchase. In some cases you can find them directly in your account when checking out or see them on the product page.

In most cases  coupons are distributed via email, AliExpress social media or during heavy promotional periods such as 11.11 on the AliExpress home page.

How to use AliExpress Coupons work?

Here the step by step guide:

1. Visit a AliExpress Product Page.

2. Click on the "Coupon Button" (otherwise the coupon will not be applied).

3. Once clicked, AliExpress will save this coupon to your account.

4. Press "Buy Now" to and apply the coupon code on the next page.

5. Apply coupon on the check-out page and press purchase.

6. DONE - Feel free to check out the video above for more info.

You can find coupon codes on sites such as or However we recommend to use the official AliExpress coupon site (see below). In most cases, third party coupons do not work. Be safe and visit the official AliExpress coupon site directly here.

Jason Miller

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