AliExpress 101 - The Essentials about AliExpress

Mariam Rabin
January 16, 2017


What is AliExpress

AliExpress is China’s largest direct buying portal. On you can directly buy from manufactures and cut out the middle man which in most cases would be a store or a website selling goods. Buy cutting out the middle man you end up saving cost.


How big is AliExpress?

In short, AliExpress is the retail side of the internets largest wholesale dealer – Alibaba. Just to put things in perspective, Alibaba has more sales than Amazon and eBay combined. Because of the close relationship with Alibaba and enormous economies of scale in production, along with the savings in middleman costs, almost all products listed on Aliexpress are much cheaper than what you would pay in a regular store.


How many people buy from AliExpress?

Even though AliExpress released no official numbers, website traffic estimator indicated that AliExpress gets over 500 Million visitors each month. Which is massive for an eCommerce platform. To put things in perspective which is the business to business version of AliExpress, reported on November 11, 2015 $14.32 billion in one single day. Yes, that is one single business day and not a year. 

Tip: Check out our full article on the monthly visits to AliExpress here.

To learn more about AliExpress and its its history, check out the explainer video below:

Mariam Rabin

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