15 Shopping Fails That Make You Not Order From China Ever Again

Jason Miller
January 16, 2017

Ok time to share some embarrassing shopping stories. We all know how much fun it is to shop online. Especially when you start shopping on Chinese websites, you find that most of the prices are ridiculously cheap. And in some cases this is the catch. Don’t get me wrong I bought numerous "cheap" and inexpensive items off of AliExpress or eBay (delivered from China), that had an outstanding quality, considering the price. However, in some cases the item that was advertised does totally not look like what you get. Below is a compilation of fun examples of failed orders.

1. When your dress makes you look like a bird

2. When the dress is not as "puffy" as you hoped

3. Somebody messed up on the printing job 

When you can't see what you're getting, you have to really trust the seller.

4. At least the cat is happy now

It's impossible to tell what exactly you're getting.

5. No this is not a doll dress

6. When you don't even want to try it on

7. ALWAYS double check the measurements

ALWAYS double check the measurements on furniture.

8. Perhaps the most famous dress online

Even when the size is right the pattern might not be what you expected.

9. Looks like a before and after pic from a magical diet pill

10. At least the color is on point

11. No comment

11. Every kid's nightmare

12. Emm, size does also matter when buying leather stockings

13. You can even mess up when buying wigs

14. It fits the cat

15. Woops, that size!

Yep, thats our list of the top 15 shopping fails. If you would like to see more cases of failed shopping suprisies, pelase check out the KnockoffNightmare Facebook page.

Jason Miller

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